Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Bitter Southerner no 4

Years ago I was honored by the Bitter Southerner, an on line Southern literary magazine, to create a cocktail that was variations on a theme, like a the Corpse Reviver series.  I created the Bitter Southerner no. 4 to be a bitter rum drink that had the look and feel of a Sazerac with strong Sicilian and Italian roots.

There were beautiful prints made of these cocktails based on the even more beautiful photographs by Pableaux Johnson.  And I used my Grandma Gullo's glassware that day so they are extra special representations of my craft.  Unfortunately, they sold out before I could get one.  Please, Bitter Southerner!  You didn't even pay me for my intellectual property!  Could you please send me a print of my work?  And one for Pableaux too?!?

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