About RyeGirl

Mr grandfather, Vincent Charbonneau, liked his Manhattan's sweet with bourbon.  That is the very first cocktail I learned to make.  It was also the first cocktail I learned to play with.  I learned I like them perfect, with extra bitters and Rye.  That is how RyeGirl was born.  

Since the 1995 when I moved to NYC I began hosting cocktail salon's in my small West Village apartment and exploring the Cosmos and Gimlets of the West Village bar scene.  Universal Bar, Chumley's and the White Horse Tavern were my locals.  When I moved to a larger apartment in Washington Heights, my liquor collection grew, as did my need to create new and interesting cocktails.  Following the same trends in the foodie culture, I looked for fresh and delicious seasonal ingredients and researched the classics to get inspired.  I even hosted cocktail parties when I lived in Dublin, Ireland at the turn of the century, introducing the Irish to Old Fashioneds, Martinis and Manhattans.  I was a teacher and struggling actor for 15 years, if that doesn't make you a professional drinker, I don't know what does!

I was lucky enough to be living in the greatest city in the world when the cocktail culture revival began to take root in NYC.  Not only do I have a wonderful selection of fine bars and restaurants, but I now have a home bar that rivals The Clover Club!

I enjoy using my experience as a teacher and and actor to share my love and passion for great cocktails and interesting artisan spirits.  My favorite part is working behind the stick where I get to interact with customers, teaching them, learning from them sharing recipes and stories and raising a glass or two...always raising a glass.

I have been in numerous cocktail competitions and continue to be inspired by the explosion of creativity in the industry.  You will find me wherever there is good people telling good stories and drinking good spirits.