Monday, February 01, 2010

Hearts and Cocktails for Haiti

Lush Life indeed! Photo by Lush Life Productions

Last night the Industry folks came together to give some love back to Haiti and the American Red Cross. Organized by Ray Raymond of Leblon Cachaca and Dave Catania of Team Spirits Imports, Hearts and Cocktails for Haiti filled Williamsburg's Bar Celona with good food, drinks and company.

Yours truly got to take the first shift behind the bar. I must say it was an honor to be behind the stick with bartenders I hold in such high regard, such as Clif Travers, Esteban Ordonez, Leo DeGroff and the gifted mixers at Contemporary cocktails. I made my
Lavender Mint Margarita with Luna Sueno Blanco, which I was debating renaming the Purple Rose of Jalisco. Naming everything Margarita, just because it uses tequila and lime is getting quite tiresome. And I am confident enough in my cocktails now to give them the names they deserve. This one, in fact, got rave reviews last night!
The Purple Rose of Jalisco?

There we many other delicious drinks and punches too, from the USGBNY, LUPEC, The Rhum Rhum Room and many other generous sponsors and companies. Jill DeGroff was also on had to sign copies of her book, Lush Life. Seeing her great big warm smile is always such a pleasure. She was in full artist mode as well, sketching and drawing the local talent. I really do feel like I am in a wonderful community of artists and bon vivants! Maybe I can finally start hosting that salon at a round table in the Algonquin like I always dreamed of. Can someone sponsor that for me? Maybe that is what The Alchemy Project will turn into!! Hoo boy!

I brought my friend Kim to celebrate her birthday this night and she really hit it off with Ray's mother and sister by the warm fireplace. Two girls; one from Arkansas and the other from Haiti. This is a remarkable country and a wonderful industry that brings such delightful people together in the name of good spirit and fine spirits!

Together I hope we raised a lot of money for the Red Cross and their relief efforts in Haiti that will be going on long after the party fades.

I know we certainly raised some spirits! Many many Spirits!

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Kate said...

So sorry I couldn't make it last night. I obviously missed a worthy time! Thanks for posting!