Monday, July 27, 2009

Lavender Mint Margaritas

Minty Fresh!

I had a wonderful time at the Luna Sueno tasting this Saturday at Ambassador Spirits. The lovely Gents there were kind enough to pick fresh mint, spearmint (in pretty) and soft rosemary. My cocktails were a big hit and it was very fun to barter margaritas for the delicious Tacos outside at the street fair on 2nd ave. Thanks boys!

Both these drinks require molesting the herbs with your hands. So keep them clean and you'll hands will smell delicious all day!

The Lavender Mint Margarita
3 oz Luna Sueno Blanco
1 1/2 oz Fresh squeezed lime
1 - 2 oz Lavender Simple Syrup to taste

Slap the mint and put a few leaves in the shaker with the rest of the ingredients. Shake well and serve on the rocks with a flowering spring of mint. Lavender syrup can be strong depending on the brand or your infusion so add carefully so it doesn't get too sweet.

Rosemary Rester
3 oz Luna Sueno Reposado
1 1/2 oz Fresh squeezed lime
1 - 1/2 oz Agave Syrup to taste

Roll fresh rosemary leaves (pick the off the branch) in you hands and throw in the bottom of a shaker. with the other ingredients. Again the agave can be sweet so add carefully to taste. Strain into a highball glass and add more ice and a sprig of rosemary

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