Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Clover Clubby Bloggy Brunchie

All Beautiful photos thanks to Lush Life Productions
Ok, that title is grammatically incorrect...Or is it on words that you make up? I think I'll declare its acceptable.

This past Sunday I met with other gorgeous bloggers (yup, that's not really a word either says spell check) and hosted by the always lovely Dizzy Fizz and Clover Club.

We were welcomed into the stunning back room by Katie Darling and Ms. Julie Reiner herself serving us a tasty tart punch. I have heard tell that the Clover Club is Julie's baby and it shows. This place is a class act from top to bottom (although I do miss the Happy Hours that briefly appeared at the tale end of last summer...Please bring them back!).

Mmmmm...Bacon Tasting...
After some networking and catching up with some friends, we sat down for some family style Deviled eggs, baguettes with jam and the famous tasting of bacon. My first experience at the Clover Club was Brunch and this incredible tasting of bacon, so I tried to let everyone share the joy. There might have been an incident with the sharing of the Deviled eggs, however, if we were not so civilized and friendly.

The incident inducing Deviled Eggs

During this luscious first course, Julie and Katie stirred up gorgeous Oaxacan Daisy's while Jen Craig told us all about Sombra Mescal. I was not aware that they used the same distillery at Del Maguey. I was aware that its strong smokey flavor reminds me of licking a tractor tire. But sometimes I am feeling a bit barnyard. You can take the girl out of the country....

Our second course was a choice between a Lamb Burger, Baked Eggs with truffle and leeks or Pork and Grits. I guess the Southern part of me was sticking out today because I went for the grits. I have had the truffle eggs before and I still declare them the winner. My grits were good, but the poached egg a bit over done for my taste and I needed Tabasco.

Unfortunately, I was not able to wait for it as Bocce duty called for my Sunday game at Floyd and I had to leave early..booo!

But not b
efore I quickly sucked back a Bloody Maria made with Partida Tequila. Yum!

Joannie Loves Bocce (the best team and team name in the universe) was indeed victorious that day, winning a decisive 3 game set.

And Selena from Dizzy Fizz was also victorious in throwing a wonderful event. I look forward to more in the future and meeting again with all my blogger-in-laws.

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