Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I have tasted Heaven...

...And it is Sam Mason's butterscotch pork belly. It is not as strange as it sounds. Who hasn't enjoyed dunking their bacon or sausage in maple syrup? And I do a wonderful pork loin in cherries and grapes with an orange juice glaze. Fatty savory Pork and sweet stuff always was a good combination. But at Tailor in Soho, chef Sam Mason takes sweet and savory to new and remarkable heights. His favors are really pure, and due to the molecular gastronomic pedigree from his time as the pastry chef at WD~50, really interesting as well. RyeGirl is just as adventurous with her food as she is with her cocktail concoctions. And since her family name is French for "One who eats many desserts", Tailor and Sam Mason are a good match for her. I adore the flavors of the fluke with pine needle ponzu, roasted pine nuts and crispy thin slices of pineapple. The mango ravioli with cilantro foam and black rice ice cream tastes like fresh salsa. This is a place where you can eat your dessert first!

The Mushroom Margarita

Oh, but what of the cocktails? Just as innovative and exciting. I started with The Waylon, a Bourbon and smoked coke. The coke is smoked while still in syrup form. Its smooth and it goes down very easy. Troy, my lovely and friendly barkeep, recommended the Kumquat Caipirinha next since their season was coming to an end. I love a bar that keeps things fresh and seasonal. I was so grateful for the wooden spork to scoop up all those luscious kumquats and the soy caramel rim was reminiscent of my sugar caramel rim on my Apple Pie-tini. I am a fresh veggie juice nut so I loved the spiked version they have in the Beet Sangria. A portion of the Pumpernickel Raisin Scotch tasted like fresh buttered toast. The Mushroom Margarita with Huitalacoche Mezcal and lava salt is a true stand out drink. These drinks can be confused for meals they are so complex and flavorful.

Now if only they would install a Liquid Deli so I could get that Root Beer Rye on tap...Perfection!

Speaking of perfection...yes..I have a little crush. I dare you to resist a place filled with handsome gentlemen such as these?!

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