Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Liquid Deli

There is a place like heaven. Where you can taste your booze before you buy it. You can bring your beautiful bottles back for a refill. The magic elixir comes in many pleasing flavors and colors, handcrafted in small, local batches. Seville Orange Infused Gin, Lyme Bay Apricot Brandy, Wild Bullace Liqueur, just to name a few...And of course Scotch, because after all, if you find yourself in heaven, you must be at Demijohn's in Scotland, UK.

I have been to the Glasgow branch of this wonderful establishment and am still savoring the pretty bottles of goodness I brought home. But alas, puritanical forces in this country prevent any such establishment from existing on these shores (though I am sure it would flourish) and they even prohibit the shipping of such goodies. So torture yourself on the website for now, and a plan a trip to Scotland, but also take action here. Write to
your lawmakers to allow heaven to exist here in our country. And if they don't, run for office with this platform, "Liquid Deli's For All". You'll have my vote.

This Girl is my New Best Friend

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