Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Girl Drink Drunk

Vacation can be a tricky time for RyeGirl. Strange bars uses strange ingredients and the bartender may not be skilled enough to be trusted with a simple Gimlet. So on my recent travels to the Left Coast, I tried to keep it simple: Gin on the rocks with a splash of lime, Bourbon and ginger. At a house party that was BYOB, I got a little crazy and purchased a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 and Mexican seltzer water. A friend helpfully pointed out, "Aren't you not supposed to drink the water in Mexico?!" True. Very True.

But even in a big city like LA I am amazed by the cultural differences. In -N- Out Burger, Jack -N-The Box, Rite-N-Aid, etc...Why just look at all the technocolor varieties of Boones Farm, Thunderbird and Night Train they have at the local Bodega on Vermont in Korea Town?!?Ahhhh...Boones Farm...Strawberry Hill...That brought back some memories of the rolling hills of Virginia, when we all wanted our cocktails to taste like candy and have little umbrellas. Someone wanted me to come up with some of the grossest cocktails, but even in High School I was using Kool-Aid to dye my hair, not mix with my liquor. So Dave...This is for you:

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