Friday, May 21, 2010

Manhattan Cocktail Classic - Day 4

Cover and Classic, Closed. Photo: Moses Laboy

This final day of the Classic, I finally had no work! Oh wait..scratch that..I still had my shift at Bar Celona later that night. So I got myself out of bed and hurried down to the Astor Center to finally catch some seminars. Passing through the kitchen again, I was quite impressed with how organized Jeff, Don and the LUPEC ladies had gotten. We have all learned so much from running this event and being Montessori trained, I believe you have to DO in order to LEARN. And Boy, we did a lot this week. Some practical things I learned:
  • You can kill two Kold Draft Machines in less than a day
  • Be organized when cleaning out a room, slop buckets, wheeled racks
  • Make the dishwasher not hate you and do the above, please
  • People need water..and lots of it
  • People need good food...and lots of it
  • Follow through and complete a task
  • When you are physically exhausted and possibly drunk, it is really hard to follow through and complete a task
  • Its a huge waste to make full cocktails and maybe tasting cups should be in order...
  • Then again...certain cocktail need certain glassware and plastic cups are a waste
  • Presenters get really really nervous
  • Cocktail competitors get really really nervous
  • ALWAYS have a full Kitchen when doing an event.
  • Surround yourself with people who will get the job done...these people may not be your friends
  • Learn to delegate
  • Just because a drink looks good, does not mean it tastes good
  • Math skills are important for batching...but so is tasting.
  • Rotate long shifts so no one feels stuck
  • Then again, pick a job and stick to it
  • Air Conditioning, bathrooms, lights...these are all important things
  • Inventory is important. Make a list and check it twice!
  • Its nice to get paid
  • Take too many jobs with too many brands and you really can't do your best for yourself or the brand
  • But then again, its nice to get paid
  • Walk away when you feel like you cannot do any good
  • Be ready to jump in when you are needed to do good
  • Be very thankful and gracious
  • Get some sleep!

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