Friday, May 21, 2010

The TRUE Sex and the City Cocktail

This is clearly NOT Yankee Stadium, but IS how I enjoyed many a game.

One of the inside jokes among fellow bloggers at the recent Manhattan Cocktail Classic was the truly horrendous cocktail PR emails we get from groups pushing new Sex and the City cocktails.

See, I moved to NYC New Years Eve 1994. On New Years day 1995, I had breakfast next to Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew Broderick at a Diner on University Place. For two years I lived on a brownstone tree-lined street in the West Village. I celebrated my 22nd birthday with pitchers of Cosmos at a gay bar while my bare chested lads danced around me with tambourines singing the Wonder Woman Theme song...I LIVED Sex and the City.

I am talking about the early seasons here, when I when they drank cheap deli coffee and slept with losers with commitment issues. Before they cared about $200 throw pillows and trips to the Middle East. When Carrie and the girls went to a birthday party for fashion photographer
Ellen Von Unwerth, I though..."Hey! I was AT that party and that set doesn't look like The Back Room!"

Sure, I'll see the movie. I'll see the fantasy that has so forked off from my reality. But I will miss the classic girls, so I will drink the classic cocktail.

Gary Regan and posted this, Behind the Drink: The Cosmo about the history of the cocktail. And here is the only Sex and the City cocktail I will drink:

Contributed by: Gary Regan

» 1.5 oz Citrus vodka
» 1 oz Cointreau
» .5 oz Fresh lime juice
» 1 or 2 Dashes cranberry juice
» Garnish: Lime wedge
» Glass: Cocktail

Shake all the ingredients with ice and strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.

PS: If you are wondering, I am an unholy alliance of both Miranda and Samantha. Deal with it.

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