Monday, May 17, 2010

Manhattan Cocktail Classic Day #2

Day 2 was spent at Butter Restaurant and the Micro Spirits Odessy. I was down stairs behind the bar mixing up cocktails for the seminars. Upstairs some more LUPEC girls, Frankie, Eryn and Yael were kickin' it and so were some of the finest microspirits. This was truly a unique event. No drink tickets, dozens of spirits to taste all day in one room, and some very informative and specific seminars.

This day's incredible event was put together by the ladies from Hush Cocktails. But people we not being too quiet about it, these were some of the best cocktails served here at The Manhattan Cocktail Classic. I big favorite downstairs with the Liv's Rosewater Tonic with muddled cucumber, raspberries, vodka, lemon and rosewater. Another delicious and interesting cocktail was the Kentucky Kilt; bourbon, whiskey liqueur, muddled dates, blackstrap molasses and forbidden bitters. Tasty Tasty goodness. I was a big fan of the Cornelius Applejack too. I was lucky enough catch a moment with the third generation apple farmer who makes this tasty spirit. We had a nice discussion about the importance of local vs organic. I hope he becomes part of the revival of my precious Hudson Valley as the Napa if the East

One of my favorite seminars was "Our Forebroads" about women in the industry. It had a great panel and I was pleased to get a shout out from Lynette, but I wish there had been a bit more about the history of women barkeeps through the ages. But I guess before prohibition, there is just not a lot known history. These poor ladies are lost in time.

I sure hope that doesn't happen to me.

Well, I must try to nap. I am using another micro spirit, Heart of the Hudson Vally Vodka in my Halfmoon Mountain Jam, at the Dizzy Fizz Tastemaker's Punch tonight.

Hope you see y'all there!

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