Monday, April 12, 2010

Please Please Tell Me Now

Ahh..the internets! Great for re-living some precious moment from our past. My twitterati friend @ilovemesomefood found this gem today, and I must say it makes this John Taylor Girl's heart skip a beat. Check out the sultry look he gives at :20. Whiskey and Duran Duran?! I want to go to that party! Leave the creepy dolls at home though, please!

And its an ad for Suntory Whiskey Q! So this is a shout out to Jordan at Serendipity Wines, who I know loves Suntory. Those crazy Japanese! It only we could make commercials for Whiskey that target young doll-loving teenagers obsessed with pretty pop boys...

PS: my dream is to be in a punk band and do a cover of Last Chance on the Stairway..can someone hook a soul sistah up, please?

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