Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Bar Hopping

Strong and Dainty with some eggs!

After my first Brunch Shift at Bar Celona today, I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful evening and have some beautiful food and cocktails on South Williamsburg.

My first stop was to visit Adam at Fatty 'Cue. They had lamb roasting on a spit outside and I had to have a taste. It came with a spicy mint sauce and soft pita. There was even some tasty leftovers for Pal. Dogs like Easter too, you know! Adam made me a rye sour called the Strong & Dainty. Delish!

Then it was off to The Dressler. I have been wanting to go here for ages and was thwarted my a dumb boy. Just smart boys there tonight, including dear Mathew behind the bar. I stated with a peachy Margret Mitchell and the rabbit ragu. Bunnie and lamb...Easter feast complete!

Mathew also makes a tasty sweet homemade Sangrita. Try it with some mezcal! Yum yum yum.

Ok. Off to bed and dreaming of spending a whole day in bed with a hunny bunny!

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