Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Meet The Mets..and some cocktails

Today was opening day, so though I started out with a light beer, I did manage to still get some good drinking in...outside of Queens.

Yup, I had to go back to Brooklyn to watch the end of the game with my Mets peeps at
Last Exit. For over 10 years now, this lovely little nook of a bar in my favorite neighborhood has served up good times and good spirits. Know for DJ nights, Pub quiz and kick ass cool bartenders, Last Exit is one of the places that feels more like home than somebodies business. Julie had whipped up some tasting infusions (shhhh..don't tell) for cocktails. We are planning a Mets based cocktail with peach infused vodka and Blue Curacao. Our hearts do beat true for the Orange and Blue (Go Mets!). I had a spicy grapefruit margarita made by my darling JC. It was spicy and was perfect for sipping in the back garden on this beautiful day.

Next stop was the new cocktail destination in in the neighborhood,
Henry Public. Classics are given Brooklyn centric names, such as the Kings County Sour, a tart version of a New York Sour. Remind me to go back for a turkey leg sandwich. I like to walk around and pretend I am Henry the 8th. Maybe they will let me do that with some grog and the turkey leg?

Next we were whisked off to Billyburg to open
Dram. My CIC, Jason Littrell is there on Monday nights and that lad has never served me a drink I didn't like. After some palate cleansing stouts, we were treated to some zesty and strong tiki drinks. Mine came in a ceramic coconut. So cute! So glad there are finally good drinks being served in this fun glassware. Its like the first time I had a decent drink in a coup.

PS..all this Brooklyn travel earned me my Brooklyn 4 Life badge on 4Square. About time! Duh!

Our final stop for the evening was
Yerba Buena. I had another spicy cocktail, this one with Gin instead of tequila, so my evening kinda came full circle. I just hope the Mets come full circle and end the season with great wins like the one we saw today.

Hey...I gave up Hope for Lent...but now that over! Go Mets!!! NEXT...

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