Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Boutique Shops for Drinkers

The New York Times today did a story on Boutique Wine shops. With the overwhelming production of wine I guess this is a nice touch and to be honest its the only way some of these small producers can survive. Like LeNell's in Red Hook, its the attention to detail, quality and practicality that will always bring in loyal customers from far and wide.

I particularly like how connected they are to the makers and brands and how that helps with the sell. I am very proud to have a great close relationship with the producers and exporters of my
Spirits and I love finding that store that respects and honors that.

The fact that this is exactly what LeNell's was and wanted to continue to be here in NYC just makes my heart break all over again. Its a nice fuzzy story, but bottom line is get a stinky landlord and all your hard work and good vibes can disappear.

Talk about a Buzz Kill.

"New Wine Shops Put Patron's At Ease"
[NY Times]

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