Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Beer!

I am enjoying a Special Holiday Ale from Anchor Brewing Co, while I can! Last year I got a 6 pack of this precious brew that Anchor only sells from November to mid-January and gave the bottles away as Christmas presents, thus depriving myself to a taste of the 2008 secret blend of spices. So while my palate is fresh I will report on the 2009 recipe; Nice molasses and earthy spice. There seems to be a dry pine finish that makes me feel like I am back in Northern California.

Ahh..San Francisco, Portland, Seattle. The North West is looking lovely these days. I have been dreaming of living somewhere else lately. Last night was an important anniversary for me and this city. 16 years ago I came up on a train with two suitcases and stayed in a building right next to the church where my grandparents were married. 14 years ago I moved into the room where I currently sit. So many things have changed. I am certainly not where I thought I would be 16 years on..still struggling to pay rent, still single, etc...But at least I don't drink White Russians and Cosmos any more! Who am I know I still love a good Caucasian. And there are many other things have, blissfully stayed the same (like my youthful appearance and charming personality, natch).

Speaking of things staying the same...did you know 22 year olds still drink Red Headed Sluts and Kamikazes? I worked an open bar party in Hell's Kitchen last night. That was fun! It was nice to just flip some bottle and work that gun. And I made some nice cabbage that will come in handy this month. But how these kids drank?! Man...I stopped drinking that stuff before I was even old enough to drink! Its an open bar and you still want to drink Bud Light and well vodka and sodas? I was happy when someone ordered a Stoli O and soda..that is what I drank when I was 22! But I had an epic fail when it came to making some of these shots. Thank goodness I have a good memory and a killer palate. I was able to guess what was in a a Kamikaze just by remembering what it tasted like (Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime).

Besides, the Red Headed Slut was laid to rest and a lovely New Orleans style funeral at Tales of the Cocktail this year. So when I was faced with an order, the inner drink dork in me reared its cocky cocktail head, "I am sorry..she has been laid to rest. She is dead to me. Can I interest you in a Bayou Breakfast?" (Brinley Coconut & Coffee rum, Bourbon)

After a New Years Brunch of Korean Steak and Eggs and fresh raspberries with rum cream (Chairman's Reserve), Pal and I kept warm in the cold apartment watching The NHL Classic. There is something so sexy about outdoor hockey in a baseball park. And its just what I need to give me hope for the new year. It reminds me that Baseball season is creeping closer.

I have a lot to look forward to this year. New work, new relationships, new cocktails to drink. For today I will enjoy another new beer. And plot an escape from this city. Sometimes you need to go away to see what you are missing.

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Ken Moorhead said...

" Man...I stopped drinking that stuff before I was even old enough to drink!"

Hah! I had this very same thought earlier today when I saw a Tweet about a "bomb-ass cocktail" someone was served at TGI Friday's...