Saturday, December 05, 2009

Punch in the Mouth

Dang! I need a good drink! I feel like its been 14 years! Its a good thing my Cocktail Daddy and his lovely Bride are throwing their annual Holidaze gathering tonight. Not only has their company been sadly missing from my life these last few months, but I am in need of Cocktail Love. And its REPEAL DAY! HooRAY!

This year I get to participate in the Red/Green cocktail throwdown with my own Jalisco Punch. I did a test run of this punch at a tasting in Brooklyn last week and it was pretty good. I used the standard proportions from my brother-in-cocktail, "One the sour, two of the sweet, three of the strong and 4 of the weak".

For the sour I used a combo of fresh squeezed lemon, Lime and Grapefruit. The sweet is a combo of agave, Russian rose-berry syrup and some lovely pure cane grenadine from Montreal for that bright red kick. The strong is my own Luna Sueno Reposado. The weak i
s a combo of sparkling items; champagne and club and grapefruit soda. There is a dash of grapefruit bitters in there for good measure and some lovely garnish.

This morning I am roasting some fresh grapefruit studded with clove and star anise in maple syrup. Its the Mexican-French Canadian connection.

Sugar and Spice and everything nice!

Happy Holidaze and Happy Repeal day my lush Friends!

Jalisco Punch

1 part Lime, Lemon & Grapefruit

2 part agave, rose-berry syrup & Grenadine
3 part Luna Sueno Reposado
4 part Sparkling goodness

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