Thursday, January 07, 2010

Drinkin' Good in all Neighborhoods

Had a busy day starting at Los Feliz for the very excellent Agave Luncheon thrown by our very own John Pomeroy. The food, spirits and company we all top notch. I did not win some raffle sway, but was happy to see my basket of witchcraft goodies go to the most deserving Lynette, my LUPEC sister!

Then it was off to Bar Celona for more great food, spirits and company. Cliff and I had a good laugh about washing down my pre-natal vitamins with tequila (fingers crossed!) He introduced us to a new drink called The Mexican, inspired by Hemingways' frequent travels between Mexico and Cuba. I wonder if he visited Freida and Diego...It was an intoxicating mix of lime, brown sugar, Rum (Chairman's Reserve) and Tequila (Luna Sueno,
Bartender's Choice at Bar Celona

We made another stop at Yerba Buena where I had a yummy moeito with a gorgeous big block of ice and julep spoon...FUN! The desserts looked good there..but it was time to go home... ...Or was it? Walking the dog I spyed my old friend Luis sitting at the bar in my local 181. So I stopped in for a beer and a chat. There I discovered that the bartender Abram had invented his own twist on the Manhattan...the Upper Manhattan! It has muddled ginger, orange, cherries and bitters with bourbon and sweet vermouth...Lovely! Just like darling Abram here.

The Upper Manhattan
This picture reminds me that Valentine's day is coming and I'd love to do something for the ladies and post a sexy bartender every week on the bar in a state of undress. Babes on the Bar...Hot! I know I want Justin and Frank and I suppose Jason will just HAVE to a be a part of it too.

Who is game, boys?

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