Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Clover Club

Just had Brunch at the Clover Club this past weekend. I am a big fan of classic cocktail bars, and I look forward to going back and drinking much more, but for brunch the Whiskey Bloody Mary was quite good. Fresh basil, chunky Tomatoes and a nicely spiced mix. It was a true Bloody Mary in that it felt like I was drinking a meal.

Which was good since the servings of actual food seem a little small. Jen's ricotta pancakes looked quite anemic and dainty. But they were delicious. i think I chose better with the backed eggs with truffles and leeks. I couldn't quite catch the truffle flavor, but the eggs were baked to perfection in their cocotte with crusty salty cheese. The plate was ably aided by an arugula side salad, buttery toast and a bit of prosciutto.
But really the menu has me at "Tasting of Bacon". Three types of bacon, Maple, Pepper and Duck come on bits of toast flavored with the grease of bacon. It was good. Really good. Insert your own bacon noises here. I don't know if I'll be able to have bacon from the local deli again. This is truly the way bacon should be consumed.

How about a bacon Bloody Mary? Jen had a scotch sour cherry fizz that was quite tasty and although not on the brunch menu, it is a refreshing fizz to cure those Sunday morning blues. We only had that one drink, which didn't knock us around. Not bad considering we had Whiskey and Scotch before 1pm on a Sunday. That is the sign of a well made cocktail, no?

And thank you, Clover Club for actually playing old jazz that suits your speakeasy persona. I am sick of these stylish cocktail bars that then ruin the mood by playing crap music (I heard EO accused of this recently..shame on you boys!).

The music, food and cocktails was so good, I almost forgot I was surrounded by strollers. Almost. Oh Brooklyn. You and your babies!

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