Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Coquito is like a Puerto Rican egg nog and since I love egg nog and happen to live in a Caribbean neighborhood, I thought this would be the perfect choice for some RyeGirl inspired Holidaze treats.

This recipe was pretty easy too, if a bit messy in the kitchen. First I put two beaten egg yolks in a double boiler with one can of evaporated milk and some cinnamon sticks and star anise. Cook over gently boiling water siring until its thick enough to coat the whisk. I love this part. It reminds me of making pudding, my favorite dessert.

oooh! Pretty Spices!
Into a blender goes the eggy milk (with the spices strained out), sweetned condensed milk, coconut cream and a secret blend of spices and booze. Blend until smooth and then chill overnight.

Serve in a small glass and top with fresh grated nutmeg. The result is so creamy and wonder the drink it in a shot glass...any more might give you a diabetic attack!

Its tasty for breakfast and reminds me of my Grammy's Rice pudding. Yum yum!

Happy Holidaze!

RyeGirl Coquito
1 can Evaporated Milk
2 beaten egg yolks
1 can coconut milk or cream
1 can sweetened condensed milk
Spices to taste (cloves, cinnamon, Chinese Five spice, ginger, nutmeg)
1/3 cup Brinley Gold Coconut Rum
1/3 cup Brinley Gold Vanilla Rum
1/3 cup Atlantico Dominican rum

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