Monday, November 23, 2009

Bloody Mary Club

Yesterday I biked to Brooklyn for a world class brunch. I missed the food due to my performance schedule, but did manage to consume some lovely punch and bloody Marys before wobbling back over the Williamsburg Bridge. Nothing like chipotle vodka and homemade pickled fennel and brussel sprouts to fuel your ride.

My friend Susan made three types of mix, hot, not so hot and very hot and the spread of garnish was delectable. I like a salad in my Bloody Mary. I like being abale to mix my own. It made me have fond memories of the "Worlds Largest make own Blood Mary Bar" in Inman Square, Cambridge.

This got us thinking about having a regular Bloody Mary club. One where the spread of fixin'swould be farmers market fresh and the booze high quality. We have a location too, since my performance space has a liquor licence and is free Sunday mornings. We could have weekly sponsors and guest chefs to have food pairings with the Bloodys.

So I am putting the call out and hopefully soon turn this into a monthly affair. Who is ready to be a member of the club? Who would like to guest bartend/cook?

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Jonah said...

guest bartender slot please