Sunday, July 26, 2009

Prime Meats

Last night I attempted to have a Tales -6/21 reunion in Brooklyn. But with everyone working on a busy Saturday night, it turned into Andrea and I visiting Damon and Frank at Prime Meats.

I have been telling Andrea about the pre-prohibition cocktail craze and Prime Meats seemed like an excellent way to showcase how these cocktails can be classic with clean modern twists. The same can be said for the delicious food we enjoyed. The homemade was spatzle was creamy and topped with the most delectable mushrooms. The pork belly over fresh pickled house sauerkraut was also a favorite.

Drinks-wise, we got a Bijou, Manhattan, Sazerac (Applejack), Vieux Carre and an Old Fashioned so the classics were well represented.

Then some handsome boys from the Netherlands joined us and some fresh german and Brooklyn beer was consumed. Besides learning that they could be dangerous with weapons so its a good thing the don't allow guns there, we also learned that
Jenever is a spirit that old men drink in Holland. They were tickled to learn that it is the hot new spirit here.

Hey...I like old men. I was drinking Manhattans with my grandpa while everyone was still drinking Cosmos.

After 2am, it was clearly time to bowl, so we headed off to the new
Brooklyn Bowl where I had Coffee Stout from the Brooklyn Brewery next door. I figured since we were gonna be up til the sun came out, what better to start my Sunday morning than with some Stumptown coffee?

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