Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Orange you glad...

This past weekend I worked the NY Bar show pouring Orange V vodka. To me a flavored vodka is just a chance to bring a nice infusion to the masses. And I am all for whatever gets the masses to drink better.

It seems like everyone in the 'oughts came out with flavored vodkas that make for great mixin' in some unusual cocktails. I love my grapefruit Bloody Mary's. But straight, the taste could be chemically bad and not at all like the flavor it was supposed to be.

But Orange V is different. The Idaho distilled, Florida orange filled vodka is an American Spirit we can be proud of. The triple blend of Valencia, Mandarin and Tangerine oranges gave the spirit a juicy mouthfeel and a sweet taste. They use the skins and all so you have that nice orange oil, blossom water sort of taste too.

It mixed great and so easy... just with some lime and white cranberry, the flavor comes through crisp and refreshing. I would use this powerful Orange V in place of triple sec or cointreau in my margaritas. And at 76 proof, that is some pop in that margarita! Yum!

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