Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cocktails of the Moment at my house (and on the train)

I do not support cute terrorist otters holding our beer for ransom..just wanted to warn you of the dangers lurking out there.
Its been a while since I have posted my own cocktails made from home. Well, I have not been home often and my own sticks were recently depleted. But I am slowly making a comeback. Here are some examples of what I have been making up at home.

Myself and the new roomies retreated to the roof for some sundown refreshment. I had some new Creme de Violet to experiment with so I tried a tequila based Purple Haze. Its looked delightful in the light of the full moon.

Lavender Moon
Luna Sueno Blanco (perfect for a night of dreaming on the roof under the full moon)
St Germain (just a touch)
Creme de Violet (ditto)

Shake vigorously and strain into a in a cocktail glass

The humidity is rising here in NYC and that mean its time for me to start making my ice tea based drinks again. The other night in a blender I threw in some ice, Limocello, Mint Iced Tea. Refreshing! Light! Frosty! And pretty too!

Danny & Rhea
Iced Tea (Always home brewed)
Creme de Violet
Fresh Mint

Blend together Limoncello, tea and ice. Pour into a Collins glass. Drizzle the Creme Di Violet on top and garnish with a fresh mint sprig. Purple, Yellow and green..its like upstate in full bloom!

Sadness descended this week as I had to say good bye to a dear friend and colleague. I determined we had to have an Irish wake on the subway ride to Queens for the memorial service. Since were were in Queens, and in clandestine transit, I made a version of my Mets "Daddy Juice".

The Traveling Mango Margarita
Luna Sueno Anejo
St Germain Liquor
juice of one fresh lime
juice of one fresh lemon
Triple sec
Mango Sorbet
Soda Water

Pour or scoop all ingredients over ice into a aluminum water bottle. Top with soda water. The ice and sorbet should keep the concoction cold all day, night or game long. Makes a great punch for parties too!

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