Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All about the Brown

David Chang opened up a corner in his Momofuku Saam bar for a real bar earlier this year. This small area houses only brown liquor and the cocktail creativity of Don Lee (PDT). That is good enough for me.

Having spent all day without food at the NY Bar show, I was looking forward to some greasy products du pork. But how could I resist a bartenders choice with my favorite spirit, Rye?!

I was served a version of the Last Word, a classic with equal parts lime,
Maraschino, green chartreuse, and Gin (but in my case, Rye). It was a healthy pour in a thick Japanese rocks glass. It was delicious and actually went quite well with my pork buns, snap peas, muscles, bread and butter (with whipped lardo). Yes...we feasted. But the real stand out was the spicy rice cakes with pork sausage and the BBQ rib sandwich. I want to marry that sandwich and take it to Niagara Falls I love it so much.

Despite the fact that I was ready to waddle out of there, the lovely Anna Margaret blessed us with more food (pusher!) including cookies to go from the Milk Bar next door. Thanks to the cookies in the now greasy bag, I now have eaten nothing but Momofuku for two days now! Boy, am I happy!

Milk Bar Cookie Grease

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