Thursday, March 05, 2009

Winding up, winding down...

While I have been busy on my job search, I have found some time to squeeze in some work at The Bell House. I love this venue because it is an amazingly beautiful space filled with people I love. It also has so many interesting things going on from bluegrass, alterna-rock, games shows and karaoke...its like being invited to the party going on in my head!

Let us not forget is a beautifully equipped bar, so I do indeed feel right at home. Last night the band The Defibrillators brought in their own concoction for cocktails during their CD release party. The first mixture was a lemonade ginger splashed on top of Makers and soda. refreshing, not too sweet...a cocktail for sipping on the porch in the rockin' chair. It reminded me of my own Day Game; bourbon & soda with a splash of ruby red grapefruit and bitters, a cocktail made to be sipped while watching some Grapefruit League baseball (Tequila and Cointreau if you are watching the Cactus League) .

The second Deflibulator involved a simple syrup made with cinnamon Red Hots. At first sip the cinnamon and bourbon combo reminded me of my own Cinnamon and Star Aniase infused bourbon. But the artificial color, flavor and burning in my throat as the cocktail went down made me want to just stick to snacking on the candies instead.

The New York Times yesterday also had some lovely cocktails to wind down to at the end of the day. I look forward to having a night where I can actually wind down and not just crawl right into bed. Pal would probably like that too. I am particularly fond of the Bitter Heiress. Burning the orange oil is a great bit of cocktail theater and I have used it in many cocktails including the Corpse Reviver No33, which will be revived next week as Flanagan's Wake is back for St Patrick's Day at Mr. Dennehys downtown in NYC. Yes, I am producing this and yes, this is another reason why I need to wind down. And be an Heiress. I always wanted to be an Heiress. Well, I certainly have the Bitter part down!

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