Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Brews of Summer

First Beers at New Shea!

Injury, work, performances and general life stuff has kept me from some hot cocktail dates (Thanks for the homemade Vicoden, Cocktail Daddy!), but now that the weather is heating up, I got the craving for some ball park food and a tasty brew.

Luckily, I am a Mets fan and as a reward for my dedication, the team has given me a beautiful new ballpark with great beer and food. Beer of the Times yesterday whined about the brew selection at the New Yankee stadium. "Vintage" PBR? "Worldly" Stella?! Its makes me laugh out loud! All that money still can't buy taste.

Right in the middle of the outfield for the masses, New Shea has put in a 4 sided refrigerator packed with interesting beer...all for the same price! Bud Light or Allagash for the same price? No question where my beer money is going...

And let us not forget the special Brooklyn Brews you can only find there sandwiched between the old and new apple; Blanche du Queens, a white beer to go with the Frites (smoky Bacon sauce is very very good), Blue Smoke Ale (the ribs insure that Pal get a treat too...after all, he is a Mets fan too!), and my favorite the Sabrosa, a Mexican style beer that is crisp and refreshing and washes down those perfect tacos!

Now will someone Take Me Out To The Ballgame?! And boys...could you start winning please? Thanks!

Take These Out to the Ballgame [NY Times]

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