Friday, December 12, 2008

Pretty Pictures!

I forgot to show off more after my big cocktail win and Square Off Challenge appearance last year. Mostly due to my own fragile ego and the disintegration of my life as I knew it at the time. But thanks to the World Wide Web and Google, these things are still easy to find. So allow me to show off these gorgeous pictures of my drinks! Yes! I made those! I made something pretty. And while they may have not compared in taste to Ronaldo's (I'll never know because I did not get to taste his drinks...Boo!) they sure look pretty nice here! Full recipes and more pictures available here. Thanks to Intoxicated Zodiac for the beautiful post! Oh and check out the cool cocktails for your zodiac sign...I am such a Cancer Moonchild! Do the cocktails for your sign measure up to your tastes?

Here are some other notices:

This press release says my "charm won over the spectators" Not the judges though :(

The great website The Liquid Muse said my "dynamic personality and tasty libations were welcome additions to the competition" That is sweet! Almost as sweet as singing with Ted Leo!

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