Monday, December 22, 2008

Kentucky Caucasians and Holidaze Punch

RyeGirl's Holidaze gifts this year included home infused bottle of bourbon with cinnamon, star anise and ginger. I found long sticks of cinnamon this year and they look beautiful floating in that brown bottles of goodness. I even made a special batch for a Sandwich King that includes a vanilla bean and maple syrup so it is ready made for his Bourbon milkshakes!

Speaking of milky favorite recipe to show off this
Christmas spirit has been the Kentucky Caucasian. Imagine a White Russian without the vodka and with a spicy fragrant bourbon instead. Yum! Don't forget to put some nutmeg on top. Take it John Legend, you sexy thing!

And the big hit at a couple of
Holidaze parties was this recipe for the perfect punch. Its light refreshing taste and knock out quantities of booze insured an easy ice breaker for any party. The recipe is from the legendary Trader Vic, but the selection of Beefeater Wet, a light crisp gin infused with pear essence is the Rye Girl touch. For the second (or third batch I can't recall) I ran out of lime and substituted Pomegranate juice. So while the first punch was green, the second was red. Perfect!

Christmas Punch (From Trader Vic)

1 Pint Beefeater Wet Gin
1 Pint Cointreau
3/4 cup Lime juice fresh squeezed
4 bottles champagne


patient boy said...

Speaking as a Kentucky caucasian, I think I might feel a little cannibalistic if I drank that.

WonderGirl said...

Maybe, but I'd love to drink you up! Oohh..dirty dirty girl!

patient boy said...

Well, I do make an excellent nightcap. Or so I've been told.