Thursday, December 04, 2008

New Caucasian

The NY Times had a great section this week all about the wonders of Cocktails (Celebrating Repeal Day, are we?).

The big cover story is about White Russians. When I first moved to NYC 14 years ago this New Year's Eve, I always ended my night of debauchery in the Village with a White Russian. It was like a dessert, but still felt like I was ordering a special cocktail. That frothy sweet goodness when shaken just right was my introduction the the wonders of cocktail emulsion.

I soon moved on to Cosmos (it was 1995 and did live in the West Village after all..) but I still get the urge for a White Russian..especially when watching the Big Lebowski.

But now that I have matured, I am happy to say my taste have too has matured (not in regards to the film..its still classic Cohen Brothers brilliance!) No I still crave that drink at the end of the night to wrap it all up..a meringue to top the pie that was my night of cocktails. Thanks to the discovering of Amarula cream and some fine new coffee liquors, I can have a more sophisticated White Russian. Since I use bourbon, I guess we can call it Getting Milky in Kentucky.

Amarula Cream
Coffee Liquor (I prefer Starbucks or Illy)

Dash of Antiqua Formula or even a nice
Italian Bitters

Shake all ingredient very well until milk is frothy. Pour with rocks into highball glasses.
If your don't care for froth, omit the milk and you have a knockout drink!


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