Friday, August 15, 2008

Redneck Mimosa

Ah Summertime! Casual Fridays at work. Flip flops all week. Lunch breaks at the pool. Showing up 1/2 an hour late for weekend Bocce. Its just a time to be a bit more relaxed in your day to day life. Don't you wish all year was like that?

So RyeGirl is not ashamed to post about a low end drink, the Redneck Mimosa. Just the simple mix of Colt '45 and Orange juice in a 50 cent Ikea wineglass. Poured to perfection on a summer Sunday here at Floyd in Brooklyn.

RyeGirl was skeptical at first, but after seeing Walker's look of satisfaction below, she decided to give it a sip. Surprisingly light (or Lite?) and refreshing. A well balanced mix of daily vitamins and booze that sure is lighter on my wallet than my class Bocce drink, The Maker's 8 (Bourbon and Ale 8, a Kentucky brand of caffeinated ginger ale). And due to the rise in the price of both bourbon and Ale 8, Floyd has stopped giving you the whole bottle of ginger goodness with your bourbon! Horror! How will I dilute?!

Looks like I'll have a Redneck Mimosa, Thanks.

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walkerhare said...

You forgot to mention that if consumed correctly, ie four rounds of double fisting, the redneck mimosa will not only help you forget about how poor you are...but it also makes the ugly people at he bar look incredibly hot!