Friday, August 15, 2008

Mad WoMen

Had a "two martini" lunch today with my costume designer at Cabritios. I have the same complaint I had when it was BarFry...woefully overpriced. They really don't seem to have their act together in that space. They don't even have the special "Cabrito" goat dish for which the place is named. And their website is still listed as barfrynyc.

The $14 specialty Heritage pork green chili stew should have been an $8 starter and actually came with flour tortillas. How do you put a watery soup in a tortilla, I ask you?! And the dinner menu looks exactly the same except with higher prices. The exception seems to be the cremita. Like a Mexican sandwich, cousin to my beloved tortas, they looked delicious and were priced the same for lunch and dinner.

The cocktails I had (actually a Margarita, with orange and "The Bee's knees", a gin, citrus, peach-honey syrup and peach bitters concoction) were lovely and well balanced, but still served in too small a glass to warrant the $10 and $12 price tag, respectively. Actually...I guess I pay that much for Employees Only or PDT cocktails. But look at what delicious and well priced food you have to nosh on at those establishments?!? Its somehow makes the cocktails seem worth it. You gotta have good grub!

I have just dropped over $40 on lunch and I have to go get a slice now. Grrrr.

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