Monday, June 30, 2008

SF vs NYC?

My loving Father sent me this article form the San Fransisco Gate about the West Coast/East Coast divide among the cocktail-lovin' crowd. It goes into great detail about the historical and geographical differences between our two most prized cities: New York and San Fransisco. There are some delicious recipes at the end of the piece and I was particularly drawn to the classic Death & Co The Final Ward and the yummy Peach Old Fashioned from Nopa in SF.

But what of New Orleans?! Hello? The cocktail was invented there and I wish I was there right now for Tales of the Cocktail. What a great Birthday present that would be for RyeGirl! Surely we are being a bit too bi-coastal, SF Gate?

I have little experience in San Fransisco, but I liked what I saw (and tasted!). But I do have to agree that the fact that NYC bartenders don't use as much "Green Market" ingredients is myth. Just look at Tailor, or EO, or even my own experience preparing for my Square Off Challenge. Our Green Markets had just as much available, if not more. Throw in our love of history and out continuing thirst for the next big thing and I think we could take SF any day in a cocktail fight! Of course, I failed my city once. But that which does not kill me...probably needs to be stronger, pour in more booze!

[SF Gate]

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