Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Left My Pride in San Francisco

Well, that will teach me. Stick to making cocktails for friends and loved ones in your own sweet home taking your own sweet time. And don't go up against a professional competitor in his own hometown.

The sad details forthcoming on HotForHoundstooth.


Dinah said...

Well, we're glad you came out even if the deck was stacked against you.

It was a fun event for my boyfriend & I (SF cocktail geeks) to attend despite a few bumps.

The logistics were a little askew, but I think the event has potential.

Changes I'd make:
- twice or perhaps 3 times as many bartenders serving the crowd
- perhaps a 2 recipe challenge to get to the finals: 1 cocktail, 1 "punch" or similar makeable-in-a-batch drink
- two finalists in each category, and an overall popular choice winner (which attendees would be encouraged to base not only on the punch drink but also on having mixed the cocktail on their own time at home)
- color-commentary during the mixing ("oo, she's bringing out a second muddler!") & twice as much time to make the judge's drinks
- two spirit sponsors to create a little drink variety

Wish we'd been there at the very end - we would have consoled you with some nice times in the town!

Thanks again for being so sweet about making sure that those near the table got to try a taste of your drinks when you were done taking care of the judges!

- Dinah & Joe

WonderGirl said...

Thanks Guys! You are dolls!

Dinah said...

p.s. Next time: RYE!!