Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hello Sailor!

Its Fleet Week here in New York City and for once the Olde Isle looks like the Manhattan of my dreams: Sailors looking for a night On The Town! In Honor of the Boys and Gals in the Navy I give you the Hello Sailor! It is made with Rum, natch!

Rum was once so important, the British Navy gave every sailor a half-pint a day ration. It is made of fermented sugar cane or molasses (another sugar cane by product) and comes in white, gold (oro) and dark.

I like to make fruity rum punches to bring to Shea for our Sunday Mets games and I usually just throw in whatever I have in the fridge. This has made some of the best punches, so don't be afraid to explore those strange juices in the "Goya" section of your bodega. You'll find a winner!

I am particularly fond of mixing all three rums with different sorts of juice combos, just as I like mixing with the Sailors during Fleet Week!

New York, New York..Its a Helluva Town!!

Hello Sailor!
White, Gold & Dark Rum
Triple Sec
Lemon or Orange Bitters

Fresh lime juice

Mango, Papaya, & Guava Juice

Splash of Pomegranate or Pineapple

PS: Bonus points for those that can pick out Betty Comden and Adolph Green from the original cast photo of On The Town above.

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