Wednesday, May 21, 2008

LeNell's Red Hook Rye #4 is Here!

This past Sunday I had the extreme honor of tasting LeNell's 4th barrel of Red Hook Rye. This barrel proof rye is 24 years old and very smooth and tasty. There were nice spicy peppery notes when I drank it straight. With a drop of water, the rye opened up in all that grainy rye goodness. It is not chill filtered so the taste is so pure.

Unfortunately the cost of bottling has gone up and these bottles are going for $175. But here are my top reasons for buying one:

  • Old Rye: 24 year old rye is REALLY hard to find, and will be hard to find for the next 24 years or so!
  • Great Conversation Piece: The bottle and packaging is gorgeous and comes with cocktail suggestions, because as LeNell proselytizes, "Nothing is too good to mix into tasty cocktails" Agreed.
  • Bang for your Buck: The barrel proof is so strong you should add some water, which means you are really getting a bottle and a half..maybe two!
  • Think Global, Act Local: Supporting local liquor makers means we encourage other visionary cocktail locals (and kick ass Women) to follow their alcohol fueled dreams! (I will have my Liquid Deli!!)
  • It is Your Patriotic Duty: It is the perfect marriage of Frontier Kentucky with Frontier Brooklyn and isn't that pioneering spirit what made this country and this city great?!
Get it while it lasts, my friends.

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