Friday, May 02, 2008

Jasmine Juleps

The big day is here. The social event of the season…The 134th running of the Kentucky Derby!

Every year my friend Boyd throws the most fantastic Derby Parties. For the past 5 years they have been held at the Late Great Magnetic Field. This year we are trying out new digs at Park Slope’s Union Hall.

To celebrate this fine day I give you a Brooklyn/Manhattan twist on the classic Mint Julep. The Maraschino liqueur and the addition of bitters is reminiscent of a classic Brooklyn or Manhattan and the St Germain adds floral notes that compliment the jasmine pearl. And I used the Four Roses Yellow label for that mellow taste. I simply used a tea diffuser to steep the Jasmine Pearl tea in the bourbon for about 15 minutes. You can leave it longer if you want a stronger taste. Serve it with soda on top if you wish, but you know I like my drinks like I like my horses…Strong enough to knock a lesser jockey to the turf. You know my thighs can hold tight to that saddle for a long ride. Really. I can stay on a horse. Don't be so dirty.

Oh my hat this year was going very Victorian top riding hat, and with my plaid stockings and buggy whip I am now going to look like the Derby Dominatrix! Giddy Up Boys!

Jasmine Julep

Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon
Jasmine Pearl Tea (steep in bourbon for at least 15 minutes)
St Germain liqueor
Maraska Maraschino liqueur
Dash each of Lemon, Orange and Old Fashioned Bitters
Soda (if you like to stay upright in yer saddle)

Garnish with Mint of fresh flowers for that springtime flair

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