Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wild Wild Westons

I had the pleasure of seeing some great theater this week. August: Osage County is easily the best theater I have seen in about 13 years (Arcadia by Tom Stoppard at Lincoln Center was the last). The Weston Family that inhabits the stage is crazy, mean, wicked, sad and so very real. The combination of great writing, acting and directing make this play a perfect cocktail whose taste lingers inside your heart for many years. I was lucky enough to bring a flask full of bourbon to the performance, which only enhanced the experience. At the request of my friend John, I have created a very theatrical Wild Wild Weston cocktail that might capture a bit of the mood in the play.

The Wild Wild Weston
Fill an old fashioned glass with cracked ice. Pour in some Wild Turkey 101 proof (it needs to be strong and unforgiving)
Dash in a healthy dose of bitters (I prefer Fee's Old Fashioned for that authentic taste)

Light a cigarette, take a deep drag and blow into the cocktail.

Drink it down and use it as the substitute for the love your spouse never gave you.

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