Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spherification? Lacks Sophistication...

I was skeptical upon reading the article in today's NY Times regarding the molecular gastronomic intrusion into the art of fine cocktails. I have grown weary of paying $12 for cocktails when most bars still had trouble coming up with fresh ingredients and quality liquors. And now they are going to put Cointreau caviar in my drinks?! How much is that gonna run me?! Are you kidding me? And I can't stand a chemical taste in drinks. Ingredient should be fresh squeezed or aged in the old world way.

"Mr. DeGroff is in one sense an unlikely advocate for chemicals behind the bar, given that he has spent several decades inveighing against powdered shortcuts like sour mix. He and other aficionados of well-made drinks point out that many bars still struggle with the basics, like fresh limes and cold ice."

But then I read this nugget...

"Among the first bars invited to learn the technique will be PDT, Death & Co., Angel’s Share and Employees Only. If Cointreau caviar is well received by drinkers and drink makers, the company plans to move to other bars and other cities."

Ok. Angel's Share and Employees Only are two of my favorite places to get my cocktail on. And I am still avoiding food, so I guess its time to spend my dinner money on a caviar cocktail. Maybe I can get a private demonstration for my friend Tim at EO? The boys at EO don't seem like futuristic bartenders though. They look more comfortable at the beginning of the last century. This requires investigation!



Kent said...

I'm not sure about this either, but we should try them before we dis them!
Gotta love the last line of the piece...“There’s so much to be done with drinks that’s not being done that doesn’t involve tiny little balls."

WonderGirl said...

I KNOW!!1 Lets go! EO one Thursday night? I'll try to get out of work early.