Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Life in Provence

So I have finally gotten around to reading the works of Peter Mayle. I started with A Year in Provence and it brought up so many great memories, hopes and dreams. And a pretty good cocktail.

The days were warm enough for swimming, the nights cool enough for fires, Indian Summer weather.

I can see myself ...learning French (or Spanish, Greek...or Italian) and working on our pastoral home, building it to our needs and wants. Take in the local cuisine and culture. Become natives in a new land. I could be happy adjusting to life that is ruled by the passing seasons. Watching our dogs play while we host our friends and loved ones. My parents are doing it now, part-time, but I know they want to do it full time as soon as it allows. I have less responsibility (no mortgage, kids, etc..) but I don't want to do it alone. I am a social girl and I need that one true lover, companion, friend, partner to be in it with me. In it till the sweet end. So in hopes of finding the sweet pastoral ending to my life, I fixed myself a sweet fragrant cocktail tonight. It has the fresh citrus of the country, the herbs of Provence (lavender) and the secret ingredient is the homemade calvados from the French countryside.

Provincial Countrytime


Lavender simple syrup
Fresh squeezed lime or lemon
Lemon & Orange bitters


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