Wednesday, January 23, 2008

sweet dee's spicy manhattan

I am quite particular about my Manhattan's, especially in Brooklyn. For years I only let Lee concoct my high end bourbon blessings, and even he had to be trained. I'll never forget his face when, upon finding a cherry in my Manhattan I drunkenly slurred into the mic from on stage, "Cherries are for virgins, pies and slot machines...You see any of those around here, bub?!?!"

But last Thursday, Devon won my confidence over with a very well-crafted Manhattan. The ingredients are simple. Eagle Rare Bourbon and extra bitters. I like my Manhattans spicy and the Eagle Rare has a wonderful spicy pepper and toasty tobacco leaf flavor to it that lends itself well with the bitters.

Those fine ingredients alone are perfect for a Thursday night, but no, Devon has lovely technique too! She mixed the bourbon and bitters over ice gently with a metal bar spoon. You don't want this bourbon to bruise. The Manhattan comes out clear, strong with both flavors still intact. Perfect!

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