Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Night with Mr Tom Collins

There is a lot of stories as to the oriGIN of a Tom Collins, pardon the pun. The obvious is the gin you use. There was, at the time, a sweetened gin on the market called "Old Tom". Throw in some sour mix and you have a Tom Collins. Naturally, there more than one barkeep with the Christian name of "Tom Collins" who claim paternity to this drink.
The one I created last night to keep me company was like a great date. He made me happy, made me feel good, and then I felt great in the morning. The secret is, as usual, fine fresh ingredients. My instinct reached for the No 209 gin, but finding my reserves low, opened a new bottle of Hendricks. Wanting to enhance the herbal qualities of the Hendricks, I tossed in a dash of rose water and some organic lavender simple syrup (thanks Square One!). I poured a healthy dose of fresh squeezed lemons juice and them some agave syrup when the first taste was too tart. Gently stirred over ice, I had a fragrant, wonderful companion for the night. And I did not feel like sharing him with anyone. He was mine...all mine! Ahh sweet Tom!

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