Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Barrel Aged Cocktails at The Beagle

Pal resting by some Tuthilltown Barrels

I had my doubts about barrel aging.  First of all, what is the point is there in putting barrel aged cocktails back in a barrel, hence the wealth of aged negroni's.  Second of all, make a mistake and its an expensive experiment gone awry, hence the wealth once again of aged negroni's.  

But I now have first hand knowledge on how delicious these cocktails can be.  Dan and Matt from The Beagle have introduced some cocktails that have been aged downstairs in our own little solara barrel system.  I am only at the bar on Sundays, and we sell thru them rather quickly but I have been lucky enough to taste all three.  We started with a Tuxedo no. 2, then a White dog Manhattan and now have a Rosalind Russell.  All three are quite different, but have a certain thread that holds them together; they are excellent!  The barrel blends the flavors together and gives it a spicy bite.  The corn-y-ness of the white dog gets a boost from the aging that is exactly what barrel aged cocktails are all about.  And it is a very different cocktail then the original, a truly unique cocktail in the right hands.  I am hoping to do my own, a Diamondback with Pisco and white dog rye.
Guardian of the Booze!

Think you want to try your own?  The Wall Street Journal has step by step instructions in this article here.

In the meantime, come down to The Beagle and see what we are pulling out of the barrels this week!

"Barrel-Aged Drinks: Mix, Store, Pour"

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