Tuesday, January 18, 2011

St Lucian Tonic

I came home in the most lovely little blizzard last night. The streets were coated in a white sheen of quiet clean. Pal and I raced thought the snow covered sidewalks and I couldn't wait to take him for a walk to the park in the morning. He has the cutest puffy orange vest for playing in the snow. He looks like those hot guys in High School I always had a crush on..in their puffy vests and cowboys hats. LeSigh.
Pal playing in his sexy vest with a friend

I only make the dog where the vest when we are going to be out in the snow playing all day. Otherwise he just gets so sad wearing those silly things.

Anyway.... Four hours later I got up to move the car and it was rain and ice and and winter hellscape!!! We went back inside and I slept half the day away feeling like I had a cold and never wanting to leave the house again. One pot of homemade soup (with dandelion...the biggest ones I have ever seen!!) and a low fat grilled cheese sandwich (not as bad as it sounds...when dipped in ketchup) and one truly awful IQ lowering movie (too embarrassed to say) followed by a hernia inducing viewing of the Ricky Gervais Show and I am ready to go out again!

Maybe a drink first....
Something warm right? Yes! But something to chase away this hint of a dull ache in my bones that could turn into a cold...so something with vitamin C!

Blood Oranges are in season and they a not only gorgeous, they have a lovely tart taste that is perfect in some cocktails. I have been using them a lot with gin, but today I am going for some rum. Spiced rum. Who know what tropical St Lucian herbs and spices might lead to some healing powers? And then who better that The Bitter Truth to make a spicy herbaceous tonic to heal my runny nose?

I better have a big mug.

St Lucian Tonic

2 oz Chairman's Reserve Spiced

3/4 oz The Bitter Truth Pimento Dram

4 oz hot cider

2 oz fresh squeezed blood orange

Heat the cider and pour over the other ingredients and a clove studded slice of blood orange.

I just got back from a walk in that mess and I was humming along happily due to this tonic...see? It works!

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