Monday, January 03, 2011

Radioactive Cocktail

Today my Mom goes into isolation for her own radioactive cocktail to beat out the last of a cancerous thyroid. Our dear friend Maria Knight suggested a Radioactive cocktail with a glow stick so we could all sip in solidarity. This seems like the perfect cocktail for those iridescent "club spirits" you find on the shelf. I myself am particular to Hynotiq. It glows blue and my Cocktail Daddy and I first discovered it years ago at a bar in Greenwich, Connecticut. Cocktail Daddy did a fine re-creation of the drink and called it the Blue Gator in my honor. So here is the Radioactive Blue Gator.

I am back to Florida this week to check up on Radioactive Mom. I can't wait til she bites me and I have Super Mom Powers. I am already talking to Julie Taymor and Bono about a Broadway Musical. Its gonna be huge!

The Radioactive Blue Gator

1 oz Vodka
1 oz Hypnotiq
1 oz white cranberry juice

Garnish with a blue glow stick


Jonah said...

loves to you and your moms! i think i'm pretty much entirely radioactive at this point... it's only made me stronger. i'm sure it'll do the same for her!

WonderGirl said...

Thank you, Jonah!