Monday, August 23, 2010

My Favorite Moment at Tales

Since I have a backlog of memories form this past trip to New Orleans, and since I could not sleep this morning for dreaming of going back, I thought I should start with the greatest moment at Tales of the Cocktail this year. It wasn't some fancy lavish party. It wasn't some amazing cocktail or some award or recognition. It was this free pig and punch party we had in Washington Square Park in my beloved Marigny.

A few boys in the industry came early this year to work with a group called Hands On New Orleans, a non-profit group dedicated to transforming communities in the the greater NOLA area through volunteerism and leadership. The group sent the boys to help fix up a new charter school. Devastated by the state of the arts and music program of the school, they decided to host a benefit to raise money. Booze, food, a great band and time were donated to throw this party for the community and the sale of t-shirts generated some much needed funds for the Fredrick Douglas Charter School of New Orleans.

I rode my bike over to the park at the start of the event. I chatted with Jill DeGroff (whom I always meet at such magical moments) and plopped myself down under a palmetto tree with pig, cold Abita and some Zapps chips. I listened to the cicadas. I danced with babies to the band. I napped on the grass while puppies sniffed my hair. This was the one event I attended where my body and mind actually stopped its hectic pace. I wasn't thinking of anything I might be missing, or where I had to be next. I just stopped, smiled and enjoyed this wonderful city and the people who call it home.

Check out Lush Life Production's great video of the event..featuring yours truly too!

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