Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Abita of Tales 2010

Last time I woke up in a bed was 7am in the Catskill Mountains. It's now 2:55 am Tuesday morning and I am having my first Abita in Mimi's in the Marigny. i checked into my victorian B&B on Esplanade (not the same one I stayed in 5 years ago, but very close) and walked through this most beautiful neighborhood to twitter stalk @nycocktail. In fact he treated me to this most delicious beer. I had a nice chat with Mrs@nycocktail and then settled I'm to write this post.

Pool table, cool tunes, nice people and a cigarette machine with $6 cigarettes. Nope. I am not in NYC anymore.

I do miss having my bike. I would sure like to peddle my way around swiftly and safely.  For now i'll just walk with purpose and hope the NYC attitude holds up.

Oh...and a guy in short pants, suspenders, tattoos and a straw boater just walked by. Nice.

Enjoying some quiet alone time (like I didn't have enough of that at the airport today) before the social networking madness kicks off tomorrow at Tales.

Good night sweet Marigny! I'll see you in the morning! Right now my king size Victorian bed is calling. Did they even make king size beds in victorian times? I feel guilty having it all to myself. Wish I at least had my Palbert to share it with.

My bike and my dog. That is what I wish I had with me right now. Go figure.

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