Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dreaming of Frozen Sazeracs

There is a ton of posts forthcoming dear readers, but first I must share my first dream back in NYC.

All my booty and my own boo-tay arrived home safe yesterday. I settled in with my roommate, the dog and some pitchers of frozen drinks to catch up on some sleep and DVR. In my restless tossing (still not trying to roll over on the new tattoo) I had a most marvelous revelation!

In my dream I was put on the spot behind a bar (Prime Meats or The kept changing as dreams do) and had to make two Sazeracs. My lack of knowledge about the Dream Bar kept resulting in watered down drinks that I would have to dump and then start all over. When I awoke to the melted disaster of my last frozen drink last night (Mango, Passion fruit, lime, Tuaca and Tequila) I started thinking about how good a frozen Sazerac might me.

But just couldn't work. That drink hinges on its strength. And I want it smooth, like the snowball drinks Alex Day made me at Death & Co or The Tupuelo Julep that Floyd makes at Vanderbilt using a snow cone machine. Then I had the perfect solution! Liquid Nitrogen!
Junior Merino has liquid nitrogen for use in his amazing Cocktail Lab! And luckily, he lives but a few subway stops away from me. I think I need to set up a date with Heidi and Junior to create this frozen Sazerac! Make is strong and tasty in the old New Orleans cocktail tradition, but with a bit of Bourbon Street Daiquiri flair! And so pretty with a beautiful big swath of lemon peel!

Cocktails for Breakfast?! Its like Tales of the Cocktail never ended!

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