Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Muy Gracias!

Punch Girls. Photo: Lush Life Productions
One of my favorite haunts, The Summit Bar, and one of my favorite people, Selena Ricks, threw one helluva shindig Sunday night. Latin themed punches were the order of the day along with some tasty tacos and good music to dance too. Punches can be finikiy and they are easy to mess up. But in the hands of pros like Greig Seider at The Summit Bar, these punches were perfectly prepared.

There was a fruity red rum punch, a citrus Cachaça punch, a savory red pepper tequila punch, a tender mezcal punch and the winner, for me, a spicy juicy pisco punch. I have recently become a big fan of the grapy tasty Pisco. Perhaps the fruity quality reminds me of my Grandpa Gullo's vineyard on the shores of Lake Erie. It also had that spicy kick that left my lips a-tingling. Not unlike kissing a special boy. Ring a ding ding!

My New Boyfriend cuz he makes me tingle. Photo: Lush Life Productions

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