Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Word from our Sponsors...

RyeGirl is a proud feminist. So Super Bowl commercials that objectify women naturally pissed me off. But the ads this year that peeved me the most were the ones that made it seem like women were a drag that forced me to act like...well, like normal decent human beings. It is demeaning to both men and women and utterly maddening.

So when I saw the Dodge Charger commercial called Man's Last Stand, I really blew my top. Also I kinda like the Chargers and would love to drive one. So it incensed me that it was aimed just at dumb men!

I wrote a response to that ad from a woman's point of view. I shared the idea with some very talented friends of mine and they were able to make this video below with me. I am truly blessed to be friends with such talented wonderful people. Thanks!

Written and directed by Abigail Gullo. Camera and Editing by Jesse Ruuttila. With Molly Knefel, Lynne Rosenberg, Abigail Gullo, Katharine Heller and Lauren Seikaly. Music by Klimpter.

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